Zig ⚡ SHOWTIME #22

This Saturday at 10:30am Portland Time (PDT) a new episode will air live on Twitch, featuring an interesting interview titled

Software that you can Love: discovering the Handmade community with Abner Coimbre

More info in the latest issue of the Zig SHOWTIME Newsletter (you can signup for the newsletter from the main website winkyface).

The full episode is available on YouTube!


Very cool. I really enjoyed the Handmade Podcast episode featuring Andrew and two other language developers comparing and contrasting their approaches:

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There are a lot of interesting parallels between the two communities, and also some key differences that I believe will make this interview spectacular.

It’s my first time doing a real interview on stream (let’s say that interviewing Andrew doesn’t count) so we all better manage our expectations from that angle, but the subject matter is IMHO extremely relevant for us (Zig), them (Handmade), and also third parties involved in the indie software development scene and the non-corporate run part of Open Source.

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Related: I also just ran across @kristoff’s excellent interview on the Handmade Seattle podcast!

So many great insights about programming communities. If I weren’t already convinced that Zig had something special going on in that department, this would do the trick.

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Hello, it me :grinning: I look forward to being on Zig Showtime.

The Handmade Seattle podcast has a more permanent link, because Twitch will eventually delete the VOD. It has chapter menus to scrub through the topics, and I just added closed captioning (only the first 25 minutes are cleaned up for now.)


Awesome, thanks for the proper podcast link! Looking forward to this Saturday’s show.

Just published the full recording on YT, man that was one chonky episode!

Thanks @abnercoimbre for the interview. I have to be honest, it’s not going to be easy to top this episode, it was just too good. Also we ended up raiding https://twitter.com/samwhoo/status/1373400001850802178 although I didn’t participate directly; way too tired. Just ate a late dinner and went to bed.


Hi all

Is there a SHOWTIME video on build.zig? If not, it may be a good subject for the educational section of SHOWTIME.

Thank you