Zig for trading engine


I’ve been a trader, quant and developer for a long time. My focus has been commodity derivatives working for banks, hedge funds and a physical trade house. I’ve been playing around with crypto markets for a while and I’m keen to develop a proper trade execution engine. I’ve got some (limited) experience of HFT’ish C++ code targeting the “micro seconds” domain. My main focus in crypto is not HFT, most exchanges don’t do co-location and there’s a lot of unpredictable latency in the network paths etc. However, I’d still like to start from a decent standing in terms of latency so a low-level language that can be pushed to the limit makes sense to me. I’m no fan of the complexity of modern C++ and having played with zig a bit I’m thinking it could be a really nice fit. In an ideal world we’d be 18-24 month further along in time with stage2 in place and so forth, but one benefit of working for oneself is that you can make some risky, fun and interesting tech decisions.

I have a ton of things I want to do and not enough time to do it all - it’d make sense for me to involve an experienced developer with more zig under her/his belt to explore if the project has legs.

If this sounds like fun and you want to get paid programming zig get in touch! I don’t have fixed ideas about background, pay, location, etc - primary goal is to find someone it’d be fun to explore the project with.

email: sundbp@gmail.com



This is right up my street.

Recently left my job as a games/engine programmer to work on my own projects. I’m using zig in this domain - knowing that the industry is sticking with C++ for some time and having lot’s of fun taking risky decisions.

I’ve also recently become interested in trading somewhat but more so in blockchain tech for transparency and t+0 settlement, than trading itself.

Would love to chat, if you’d like my email is rumcode@icloud.com

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sweet. I’ve sent you an email! And added my email to the first message - doh!

I would have loved to join but unfortunately I don’t have the expertise on the programming side. Tried out zig, it seems to be a good solution for HFT/Market-Making. If there are any other form of help you need I am interested. Anyhow, Goodluck.

As just a coincidental thought, I’ve tried a few software packages for trading stocks, options, and futures, and although I haven’t tried it, what I’ve seen that the Quantower folks are doing seems to me very impressive. The last program I was using was Sierra Chart mostly for it’s flexibility in terms of custom development of studies. But the overall UI has a dated Windows 95 feel. Same thing with StreetSmart Edge from Schwab, really dated.