Where did this forum come from?

What software is running this forum? Who created it? The layout looks like some other forums I’ve seen so I assume it’s using the same software? Is there a story behind why this forum was created? What servers does it run on? How long did it take to create? Does it use any Zig code? Thanks in advance for any answers, a forum like this could be the start of a big hub for the Zig community so my curiosity is stirred.



Thanks for your interest, there are already good answers, let me still answer them all here for future reference:

The forum software is discourse https://www.discourse.org/

The whole setup was done by me @ben. I saw other communities (golang, rust, julia, python, …) running similar platforms and was waiting a few months for a Zig forum. As nothing happened, I took the matter in my own hands. Read more Memo 1: A new Moderator

It runs on DigitalOcean inside a Docker container.

The initial install took a couple of hours. Then the „boot sequence“ of creating the first content, some light PR work, endlessly fiddling on the structure, first hires, etc. and finally the continous admin work on the plaform, installing features like github and discord integration keeped me busy for more hours in the following week

And the work continues…

Not yet, that would be interesting though. AFAIK the Nim and D lang communities run their own forums.

Your welcome!


A Zig-powered forum would be a very cool badge of honor. But I gotta say, Discourse is super nice. I remember when it was first announced as another Jeff Atwood venture and then promptly forgot about it. But now I see that it’s like the Stack Overflow model applied to forums and really, really well done. The polish is incredible.

If somebody were to make a Zig backend (and frontend in Zig->WASM???), they could do a lot worse than to copy the way this works!

It is incredible well thought out, but the Nim forum, a much simpler platform in Nim is also very nice to read.

I find the forum software to be really nice and usable. My only wish is that the comments could adjust to the window width; right now they just show up in a fixed-width column, with lots of wasted space on both sides.

Would you mind creating an issue on Forum Issues - The Zig Programming Language Forum and maybe add a screenshot?

Done: Forum content does not adjust to window width

That might be a deliberate design decision. I’ve heard somewhere that text can get cumbersome to read if it gets too wide.