Syntax highlighting for the Geany editor

Someone was asking about this on Discord earlier today, so I thought I’d go ahead and post what I’ve got even though it’s in an early state. Should be considered a WIP, but usable.



  • Right now this just re-uses to Rust syntax lexer, as the syntax is surprisingly similar. There will be a few things that get missed but it’s usable now as-is. I’m working on a Zig lexer, but Geany uses Scintilla for that portion and that’s a C++ project (ughhh…). It’s not ready yet, and when it is I have to get the Geany devs to accept it and also try to push it upstream to Scintilla.
  • Geany uses a second lexer provided by another upstream package to find symbols, and unfortunately you will not get symbol lookup in the sidepane with this package. Fixing that would require implementing a second lexer, getting it accepted into Geany, and once again trying to push it upstream. At least that one would be in C, not C++…

Thank you for your work :smile: