Snippets of code to learn zig

Hi, this is my first message and I wanted to contribute with some repo I’m maintaining with small code examples and snippets with some notes. It’s purely to learn Zig so it’s my own notes the ones that are there.

Pretty basic but I thought it could be useful for newcomers to the language.


Wow you did a lot of work, I hope you’re liking your experience with Zig!

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It’s actually the first time I’m excited about a language in many years. And I have absolutely no prior knowledge of C or C++ so while some things are kind of “new and weird” for me, at the same time the experience is teaching me a lot.


I think this is great. More examples are always welcome. You reference a “Makefile” but that does not appear in the repo. Any chance you would include that?

Thank you and thanks for the heads up. I uploaded the Makefile. I think I forgot to do it because I switched to do something with the build system of zig itself :sweat_smile: