Show Zigforum posts in your Discord channel


Based on different criteria you can have all or a filtered selection of Zigforum posts in a Discord channel of your choice.

We are happy to setup the filtering according to your needs, please contact us if you getting too little or too much notification under

In order to configure the notification on our server we need the webhook api.

Here is the minimal setup that you have to do: It’s an extract from the follwing discourse article: Set up Discord notifications using the discourse-chat-integration plugin - admins - Discourse Meta

Setup Discord

  1. Login to your Discord server
  2. Click your server name, and choose “Server Settings”

  1. Click Integrations then Webhooks. Then click Create Webhook
  2. Choose a bot name, icon, and the Discord channel you want to post to.

  1. Copy the “Webhook URL”, then hit Save

You can send us the URL with a DM in Discord or via email to