Server Upgrade and

I had reported on some email issues here on the forum which sparked an interesting discussion on funding: Email Problems Solved - #4 by ben

After a user suggested he would probably donate some money I’ve setup a gofundme page: Fundraiser by Ben Jakob : Support me to run the Zigforum

If in the end it comes out, that you the users dont like it, no problem I’ll scratch that. This is a free forum, everything is voluntary, don’t feel pressured and your participation is highly appreciated and more important then money.

There were and are some mild issues regarding stability and performance of the Zig Forum. Right now the software runs of free tiers offerings of well known hosting providers.

But as are more users and more traffic happens on the forum, we might have to experience a longer loading times, and maybe other unexpected problems.

In order to provide a better user experience and also more stability, I think a upgrade of the server platform would help. For example this tier or more


  • 2 GB / 2 CPUs
  • 60 GB SSD Disk
  • 3 TB transfer

Then there is the whole email system, which I would like to review, and compare providers, which would probably a few bucks per month.

Honestly I’m not sure how confortable I am with asking for money this way, but at least it is a learning experience!

As always, feedback is welcome!

Hey Ben, have you considered applying for GitHub Sponsors? I’m sure the ZSF could spare 15$mo to support you.