Please welcome kprotty to the Core Zig Team

Hey everyone,

I am pleased to announce our newest Zig team member, kprotty. If you’ve
interacted with him, you know that he has an insatiable appetite for
concurrency-related performance, based on a deep understanding that only
comes from dedication and experimentation.

Check out his related Showtime talks:

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2 Schedulers and Stuff

kprotty’s contributions to the Zig standard library are core to the
success of the project.

In addition, kprotty has proven to be a steadfast community leader,
setting an example for how to treat others with kindness and respect.

I look forward to working with kprotty as we continue to push Zig
toward 1.0.0 and beyond.


Congrats kprotty, I’ve been impressed with your work and Zig will be better with you.

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Welcome aboard kprotty! :partying_face:

Awesome! :heart_eyes:
The core team just keeps getting bigger. I love it.