New forum logo proposition

In my opinion, the current logo does not reflect Zig nor keeps consistency with the official Zig branding, So I made a new logo using the official Zig Logo’s SVG

This is how it looks like:

Here is the origin .SVG file


Looks cool, the current sunburst icon doesn’t really do it for me.


Yeah I didnt really understand why it was like that in the first place, so I decided that making a more appropiate logo myself was a better idea. So there it is!

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Is there a way to make a poll so that the forum community can vote on this and be able to either replace the existing logo with this one or not (if that’s what the people want?) Maybe even provide a period for other logo proposals before finally taking some action.


yes, that would be amazing, but we’ll have to contact the administrator or something

This proposed logo is growing on me. I might take a minute tomorrow to try some adjustments on the SVG, but I think you’re on the right track with it.

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Thanks! It would be cool to see it more refined :sunny:

Svg link

Just a couple minor tweaks.

  • I opened the space slightly between the Z and F at the top.
  • The angles at the top of the F and the lower horizontal, right hand side of the F match the angle of the Z better.
  • The lower horizontal bar of the F was sticking out slightly further than the upper horizontal bar. They’re even now.
  • Played around with the vertical spacing between the two horizontals on the F, tried aligning the bottom of the lower bar of the F with the top of the lower horizontal of the Z, didn’t look right so I just adjusted it by eye.

This isn’t all that different from the starting point overall really. Thoughts?


How about having the F join in on the fun? I made 2 variations:

Svg link


Looks too “wavy” IMHO, I prefer the plain alternative.


Might as well join the fun! This is kinda starting to look like the Van Halen logo. lol


Neat! I think we’ll need the forum creator/owner’s input.

Calling @ben - are you there?

Van Halen is a good description I think. But I think we’re getting pretty far from Zig’s asthetic there.

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I think @ben is Missing in Action so I suspect this type of modification to the forum can’t be done, right?

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Yeah, I think that’s right. :frowning_face:

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I‘m a little busy right now. Is there sth can do?


Hi @ben ! Thanks for replying. We have several proposed re-designs of the Zig Forum logo. Is it possible to set up a poll, allowing the community to vote for their preferred design, (maybe including the current one) and when a suitable time period for voting is over, the winning logo design could be set as the new forum logo?

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This logo looks really great. I’d love to see it adopted.

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