Microsoft Recognizes Zig Win32 Projection

Mike Battista from Microsoft was kind enough to add the Zig “projection” to the list of projections for win32metadata (see win32metadata/ at master · microsoft/win32metadata · GitHub)

A “projection” is a tool that reads the win32metadata, which contains information about the win32 API, and generates binding code for the author’s language of choice. I’ve developed and been maintaining the zig “projection” for a few months now and it’s nice to have the project be listed in the official win32metadata project.

For people who are interested in using the project to call win32 API’s that won’t be included in Zig’s std library, you can find it here: GitHub - marlersoft/zigwin32: Zig bindings for Win32 generated by

Very nice, thanks for sharing!
This could probably be an awesome showtime talk, just saying :^)


Yeah that’s not a bad idea. Let me see if I can put something together and I’ll get back to you.