Memo 3: Past, present and future of the Zig Forum

Hello, Everyone in the conference room

As the forum becomes 11 day old, I want to keep you in the loop on where we heading.

If you recall Memo 1 (Memo 1: A new Moderator) there is a paragraph on the “genesis” of the forum, which was based on a rather spontaneous decision on my part.

It is great to see everytime somebody comes in, has a question or a problem, and then everybody walks out again a little smarter and more experienced. But what comes next? Now to be honest, the whole thing was not entirely thought out when it was started at 1 AM in the morning. So it’s learning by doing in a technical sense (see the email and login hassles lately), but also in terms of future organization and positioning, which needs a little more focus.

About the near future:
As I see myself and others put time and effort into the forum I came to realize on how important it is to properly direct that work, time and energy. I’m also a Zig user and as such I have a direct self interest that the resources are spent properly on the most user serving location.

It came to my realization how important it is that this forum is able to discuss all technical problems with all the knowledge currently available. This forum should attract all Zig users, independent of their knowledge. The forum should be able to discuss all sorts of questions, independent of the knowledge level. This place is not sought to be solely a user helpdesk. In that case, I speak as a Zig user and forum operator, I’d rather be where all other people are, be it on Discord or where it might be.

Around April 16, 2021 I will make an assessment on where the forum stands, that means:

  1. How well is the “market fit” (Does all of the community fit in, or is it more of a secluded place)

  2. How is the “growth rate” looking? (growing, stagnant,dying)

  3. How is the “staffing” comes along? (is the moderation and operation secured for the future)

So I will discuss this then with the team and then I will come back to you and we see how it goes.

Thanks for your time and lets keep up all the good work!

Regional Manager