Memo 1: A new Moderator

(Disclaimer: references to pop and corporate culture are entirely possible)

Hi, I’m Ben (@ben) I started, the latest addition to the Zig community and I’m happy to give you a heads up on the latest developments.

First and most important: I’m very proud to announce our new Moderator Dave (@ratfactor)

We already had some interesting conversations, throwing ideas around on how to run this place. We came up with a nice document on how to be a good zigforum user: Zig Forum Guidelines. Right now we are a wholesome and well behaved community, but better be prepared when they storm in here by the thousands.

So then we talked a little about the history that he found interesting and note worthy, so ok I said if you really want to know:

It was around 6 month ago in September 2020 I was contacting Andrew (@andrewrk) and Loris (@kristoff) from “Corporate”, since I was interested in learning Zig, but really missed having a forum to talk with people. “No can do” was the answer and that I should start a forum my self. That trigged the following cycle: Consideration of the idea, than gradual dismission since it seemed to hard and annoying, then the next twitch stream which reset the cycle. This was the agony I was living through for a few month and when Upper Management in their latest twitch stream was trying to downsize and outsource that poor little redis library, I had enough. In the early hours of March 16, 2021, I finally sat down and setup the whole thing.

And here we are almost 3 days later and look what we have: almost 80 users and around 130 posts! This is awesome, a huge thank you to all of you and keep up the good work!

Regional Manager

Forum Moderator and Assistent to the Regional Manager



Thanks for setting up this forum @ben!

Hi Ben,

I’d like to personally offer my gratitude for your efforts in setting up this community forum. Looking forward to using this platform to create memos, reports, and inquiries.

Chéyo J.
Software Engineer


Agreed! I second that. Thanks @ben !

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