French-speaking Zig users?

Hi !

Just a call to French-speaking Zig users. Not sure how many how us there is, so if you are part of the group, please raise your hand :slight_smile:

Who would be down for an informal chat/meetup some day?


Having IRLs meetups would also be amazing, but may be a little bit complicated due to the current events.

Still, if you are fine with sharing your location, maybe you can discover that your neighbor is also part of the Zig community and meet IRL! :slight_smile:

I’m in France, in the Alpes Maritimes.

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I’m a French (Parisian) Ziguana that currently lives in the United States. Awesome to see other French-speaking people in the community!

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Swiss-french here. Count me in :slight_smile:


French zig user here, in Lyon specifically.


French Canadian from Montréal. Nice to meet everybody.


Hey, Swiss-french here.
Good idea


Hi ! I’m French too, studying computer science in Lyon.

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Hey, so we have two people in Lyon already!

Bonjour a tous
I am from Senegal, living in the States. I speak french.

Demande à Loris de te créer un channel sur discord; il le fera sans problème.

Pourquoi pas, mais il y a deja vraiment beaucoup de channels !

Coucou !

French from Lille here. Totally up for a meet-up when it will be possible. :slight_smile:

Est-ce que vous voulez votre propre endroit ici, sous Community/French?

Maybe it’s a little bit too early to start splitting the forums into language-specific sections. That would be good to have once we have many more people. For now, the more messages we have in common sections, the better it is :slight_smile:


French too, from Paris (close to)

Hi, Ziguana born in paris and currently living in Nice here (also spent half my life in Metz :})