Forum content does not adjust to window width

This is one of my posts, with the window sized to about as small as comfortably possible:

This is how it looks when I make the window much wider:

You will notice the post does not take advantage of the extra room, which is just wasted on empty space on the left and right sides of the post.

thanks, I think I could ajust the style sheet, but I would like a wait a bit on what other users have to say.

Imo overly fluid layouts can be a nuisance. I usually just zoom in if I want to make use of my entire screen.

I mostly find it annoying only when there are code samples that are too wide, and the page automatically shows a horizontal scrollbar for them.

I made some changes to CSS. It is a little wider now, at least on my screen.

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I’m pretty sure the default max-width for a platform such as this has to be based on best practices and those best practices are based on research. From my ancient past when I did web dev, and even more ancient past doing desktop publishing, I remember reading about how the human eye will be exhausted more quickly if line lengths are too long. I think it was around 40 words or so. Anyhow, on the web, most style guides would propose such a max width, allowing for easy reading and enough whitespace around the text which is also easy on the human eye when reading large bodies of text. From a purely aesthetic perspective too it makes a difference to most people, a block of paragraph text with margins is more appealing than single long lines that span the width of the screen.

It’s actually 50 to 60 characters per line: Readability: the Optimal Line Length – Articles – Baymard Institute

Yeah, that’s a subject of intense debate in the Web design community! Some experts claim that human minds will literally melt and catch fire when given text wider than 70 characters. Most sites do constrain main text bodies. Wikipedia and Hacker News are two notable exceptions to the rule.

For what it’s worth I do personally like this new max width. :+1:

Me too. Thanks for the change @ben!

The width seems to behave strangely when the content of a post actually forces the content to be it’s full size. Like here, the content isn’t centered anymore, rather it gets pushed to the right edge

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Thank you very much for the notification. So in that case the CSS experiment has failed and is getting removed. Sorry to have no solution for the width problem.

That’s ok, thanks for the effort!