A question by myself was hidden as spam?


I posted a question some time ago, and just saw that it was hidden by the system, because the community thinks it was spam. But I have no idea what was actually wrong with the post? Just asking here, so I can adjust for the future.

And secondly I just posted another question with a link to a zig issue on github, and the system complained about the link. Is it not ok to refer to github?


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I had this happen to me on the NixOS forum which also uses Discourse. I was a new user and I type pretty fast and someboday said this can happen if you type too fast and are a pretty new user. They manually marked my post as not spam and I didn’t have any issues after that. Ping @ben could you look into unspamming this users post? That might help future posts from them.

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Yeah, that could be the reason. I’m not a fast typer, but typically I write a post in a texteditor and then copy-paste it into the browser. Maybe Discourse doesn’t like that.

Thanks for the reply!

Hello! @patient9000

I’ve finally cleared my personal inbox (I’m on semi-vacation) and found the Discourse moderation messages. As you noted, it flagged the links.

No need to adjust your behavior. You’re obviously not spamming. :smiley:

I don’t seem to have access to the forum settings, but the forum has an allowed_spam_host_domains setting and I’d like to add github.com to the list. Links from that domain are unlikely to be spam and this may cause problems for other new users.

Sorry it took so long for me to see the notification and restore your posts.


Thanks a lot! (Sorry I respond so late, this got somehow buried in my inbox.)

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