3D models of Ziggy and Zero

Is anybody else into 3D printing here?

I’m very new to it but recently got an Elegoo Mars 2 resin printer and absolutely love it. If you are into miniatures, resin printers are fantastic; the amount of details you get from these is amazing!

Has anyone tried to build a 3D model of Ziggy and Zero by chance?

Of course, one could just start with the 2D model and extrude it, but a real 3D model would be so much cooler!

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I am on board with this idea and if you are willing to do the legwork of finding an artist able to do that (I really have no expertise when it comes to 3d models sorry) I can use a bit of ZSF budget to pay the artist and I would be interested in using my own sweet youtuber bucks to pay for a Suzie 3d model.

Let’s make this happen!


I am currently getting quotes on fiverr.com to turn Ziggy into a 3D model. Will also ask about having a model compatible for 3D printing. Will update here with quotes.



I’d be happy to contribute the remaining work to make these ready to print (hollowing and provide pre-supported STLs).

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I got a quote I am happy to pay for.

Will see what the results are… will share the revisions as they are delivered.

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I’d love one of those too! Would look great next to my Zero plushie :smiley:

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I’m a Zig lurker and former 3D modeler. If @Luuk can snap a bunch of pics of the plushie I can take a stab at it.


My initial thought it to make a low poly version as “ya gotta go fast”. With a high res sculpt once there is some feedback. The more cartoony/fun style of the new assets shown on in showtime #22 is a great direction to soften the hard edge of systems programming.

Here’s some pictures of the plushie for you. They had trouble coming up with a representative 3D model since there’s really only the 2D svg logo. So perhaps this could help you come up with a 3D model. Let me know if there’s any other pictures you’d like.


Thanks @Luuk ! I try to find some time to knock this out.


So haven’t been able to do much yet, just waiting between builds at work. Its very rough but the real question is should it match the plushy in regards to the “fin” on the spine. Is it more like a horny toad or dragon; or a spiny neck like the plushy


For more context


@kristoff I can’t add more replies as I’m new…
Doing both FDM and Resin printing you should be able to do both with no real issue detail wise. We can totally take it in any direction I just wanna make sure I got the core look right before going too far.


Neat! I think the correct answer is based on the materials that will be used to print Zero, I would guess. I imagine the plastic used by 3d printers can support more definition than the plushie while maybe at the same time the original design is still a bit too complex?

I would take some artistic freedom in this case and give the tail a regular pattern (maybe a zigzag like Ziggy’s? /\/\/\/\/\/\/) based on your preference and artistic sensibility.

Zero’s tail on UNIX: /|/|/|/|, on Windows: |\|\|\|\.


On FDM, having as much details as possible here shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Given the shape and place, the spikes shouldn’t even require much support.

This is not what I expected :rofl:, lol! I think a few things are off about this 3d model revision.

Can we get some feedback here so we can ask the 3D ‘artist’ to make some adjustments. We have 1 more round of revisions under the fiverr commission. (Calling this Ziggy Rev1)


Edit: Rev0 was worse, but they fixed the things I submitted as feedback. This is Rev1 as mentioned.

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Rev1 render:

original 2d:

Although it may be faithful to real life, the wrinkled flappy thing under the neck (I looked it up, it’s called the dewlap) is the thing that bothers me. I think making it a smooth sweep would look more appealing. Aside from that it’s looking good!

I quite like the derpyness of it.
It seems to be a copy straight from the drawing rather than interpret it into a 3d model. The back paws seem a little odd and the gills look just ‘painted’ on. Other than that I like it!

Well, this is great because it looks like a big old inflatable vinyl Ziggy that you can bap around the room…and now I want one.